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Welcome To Spa Diamond in Birmingham

A delightful and peaceful oasis which can be found just a few minutes from the centre of Birmingham. With 6 beautiful rooms, you can have some precious time to yourself and enjoy a variety of professional massage and beauty treatments.

All of our highly qualified masseurs have many years of experience in all forms of massage, so whether you are looking to do battle with irritating injuries, stretch and rejuvenate your body or are simply just looking for a couple of hours serenity, our therapists are here to help you.

Spa Diamond News

LTG Spa and Wellness 2018 nomination

Spa Diamond has been shortlisted for the LTG Spa and Wellness award 2018

We are proud, honoured and humbled to be able to announce that Spa Diamond has been nominated for the Luxury Travel Guide's Spa and Wellness award!

Couples massage at Spa Diamond

The Couples Massage has quickly become one of our most popular treatments

If You would like to know more our couples massage
click here and let us help..

Spa Diamond in Birmingham offers all types of massage treatments and is more than just physical, but works to create harmony between mind, body, and spirit. The benefits of massage include improved circulation, release of muscle tension, mobility and flexibility, as well as stress relief.

Thai massage helps to reduce the individual's stress levels and improve their overall circulation. This is accomplished by the gradual movement of the person through different yoga-like positions. Come and visit us at our brand new site in Birmingham where we will help you feel young again!

All of our therapists at the Birmingham site are trained to the very highest standard in all forms of massage. helps to release muscle tension, enhance flexibility and energise patients’ bodies. Thai massage can help with detoxification by energising the lymphatic system – the system which boosts the immune system and eliminates metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria from your body.

Thai Massage is a blend of different styles which has been passed down through generations of family tradition. In turn all of our therapists have been trained to the same high standards enuring your massage is out of this world! Thai massage uses point pressure, muscle stretching and compression in rhythmic movement of gentle rocking.

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